The mission of DECIDO is to demonstrate the groundbreaking impact of the adoption of innovative methodologies, tools and data enabling the effective development of better evidence-based policies by public authorities. DECIDO will link Public Administrations to the data and compute infrastructure of the European Open Science Cloud – piloting the access and exploitation of a great wealth of additional resources. The project will identify and assess the benefits and limitations of the use of current big data methodologies and infrastructures in policy making in several domains.

 DECIDO will pilot the access and use of European Open Science Cloud initiative (EOSC), resources in different exploitation scenarios – demonstrating the value of collaboration, technology transfer and cross-pollination in 4 flagship pilot activities. To realize this vision, the project will start off with the identification and analysis of the benefits and limitations of the use of big data methodologies and cloud technologies in policy making in several policy domains. Following this initial assessment, appropriate reusable (replicable and portable) models and methodologies will be developed taking into consideration unmet needs and limitations.






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