Advances in information technology allowing the collection, sharing and analyses of large amounts of data, leveraging on high performance and cloud computing, are enabling important changes in decision making processes. As demonstrated by the corporate sector, data can become the basis for better and more effective decision making. To unleash the use of evidence in the public sector, policy makers need to have at their disposal tools and competences that allow them to take control of data from multiple sources and integrate and exploit it in a scalable and effective manner.

DECIDO will address the technical and policy challenges related to the discovery, access and exploitation of data and data-as-a-service platforms while benefiting a secure environment for data processing.

DECIDO will serve as an intermediary between the public sector and the scientific world and the European Cloud Infrastructure (ECI) through the direct collaboration with EOSC and will provide storage capacity and processing power through EGI infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure offered will meet the needs of local and regional European authorities,

thanks to its distributed pan-European nature, its compliance to GDPR and set of procedures for coordinated IT security management. DECIDO will start by identifying EOSC services/tools which can support policy makers in the whole policy process and the possible consequent gap of services/tools which needs to be addressed by services external to EOSC.

DECIDO will then provide Public Authorities with an easy to use portal to define, manage and evaluate their policies in a collaborative manner leveraging services offered by EOSC (Catalogue and Marketplace), external services/tools to EOSC, data made available by EOSC (mainlythrough services B2Find and EGI DataHUB) and by other data providers (external to EOSC, e.g. European Data Portal), including Public Administrations themselves. The services will support policy makers in the whole policy life cycle from agenda setting, to planning, to implementation, and evaluation and will support co-creation and the involvement of relevant local actors during the whole policy process. DECIDO will establish a long-lasting collaboration framework between the pilot operators and the European Open Science Cloud initiative.

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