Objective 2: Support emergent strategic management to ensure that data can contribute to evidence based policymaking processes aligned with political objectives and priorities:

One of the key success factors for evidence-based policy development is the availability of the right data and information presented in an accessible way in order to drive, monitor and evaluate political strategies and programmes.

Monitoring is crucial in order to support agile and responsive policy making in a continuous way.

However, the data needs to be processed and presented so as to make the trends and implications of the data accessible. Monitoring systems need to focus on key political objectives, priorities and needs in order to establish a data-based approach and ICT-related measures, which is why a thoroughly participatory approach is necessary, so that these can be built-in from the start. The project will therefore foster a strategic planning culture encompassing systematic monitoring and evaluation.

DECIDO will develop domain specific indicator systems in co-creation with relevant stakeholders including civil societal, political, administrative and scientific representatives, starting in the early stages of the project and continuing through the length of the project. Therefore, the project will study the relevant policies, conduct interviews and focus groups and will gather the current problems, needs, requirements and objectives in order to use data platforms in their concrete cases and contexts. This will be manifested via a reference knowledge base that will map the existing data platforms with the trends and priorities distilled from the aforementioned

interviews/focus groups. The four pilots will refine their domain specific objectives and priorities in order to continually improve the relevant indicators and data sets. To ensure supervision and advice, the project will involve recognised experts and will create an expert committee (Advisory Board) that will also assess and evaluate the approaches and indicator systems designed to ensure their suitability to be used in each specific case.

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