Assess the transformative impacts, benefits and risks (including ethical) of the deployment of big data tools and methodologies and the use of cloud infrastructure in the following disaster risk management domains: floods, forest fires, power outage.

DECIDO will set up and run 4 pilots in the following disaster risk management domains: floods, fires, power outage. The pilots will run in 4 different EU countries (Italy, Finland, Spain and Greece), with diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds. They will demonstrate the applicability, impact, reusability and scalability of the proposed tools, models, methods and approaches, in different scenarios and geographical dimensions. The latter will be further demonstrated through cross-pilot replicability activities.

DECIDO pilots will follow an evidence-based implementation framework based on four main steps: policy analyses, evidence gathering, data contribution, analysis development, policy formulation and validation. Each step foresees the continuous collection of experiences and lessons learned related to the different aspects dealt within each pilot. A set of measurable success criteria are going to be identified for each pilot against which DECIDO will validate the impact, benefits and drawbacks related to the application of the evidence-based approach and use of the services/tools. The impact assessment framework will assess the adoption (service delivery and efficiency) and the acceptance (overall appreciation) by civil servants, policy makers and citizens of the used tools and methodologies. Other key aspects that will be assessed are trust, transparency and efficiency. The analysis will take into consideration legal and ethical issues by performing a thorough ethical and legal assessment on data processing in the four pilots.


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