Pursue sustained use of data analytics and cloud infrastructure in policy making

DECIDO will develop pathways and business plans to guarantee sustained use of its tools/services, methodologies and approaches contributing to the adoption of evidence-based policy making and of the European Cloud Infrastructure across Europe. The project will establish a win-win collaboration with EOSC with a threefold objective: 1) to assure that DECIDO portal is part of EOSC portal 2) to widen the European Science Cloud and European Data Infrastructure to the public sector 3) guidelines and pathways coming from DECIDO project become the baseline of the EOSC Competence Centre for PAs and policy makers.

DECIDO will specify a set of pathways, recommendations and a business plan based on the results of:

1) the analysis of the pilot outcomes,

2) the analysis of key ethical, legal, and security challenges and issues related to the use and publication of data (big) in the cloud and the use of evidence-informed policy making and

3) the cost benefit analysis of as-is and to be scenarios.

A business plan will be developed to ensure the long-term continuation of the pilot developments, and their successful exploitation and sustainability. Innovative business models will be envisaged that will take into account both the technical requirements, as well as the potential social and economic impacts of the solutions developed.

A detailed cost-benefits analysis of ex-ante (not using DECIDO results) and ex-post (using DECIDO results) will be part of this analysis and innovation management plans will constitute the basis for the adoption of the technologies and approaches proposed by DECIDO. The business plan will be developed taking into account the methodologies adopted in the cloud enablement paths for Public Administrations. In addition, DECIDO will contribute to identify information on Public Authorities needs concerning advanced data analytics solutions and research data. This information will be instrumental for defining a EOSC roadmap for engaging and serving the Public sector. DECIDO and DECIDO-EOSC roadmaps will provide the steppingstones for a successful transition towards more evidence and cloud-based Public Authorities and more involvement of communities in the policy lifecycle.

Focus will also be given to the dissemination of the good practices and lessons learned collected during the project execution, as well as the pathways and recommendations drawn up by DECIDO. For this purpose, training activities and workshops will be organized with relevant actors in the policy domain involving also actors from the scientific world with the aim also to reduce the gap between the two communities. An open observatory will be set up (maintained by LC) to support the dissemination for best practices, lessons learned, pilot results.

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