DECIDO supports local policy makers by providing a risk-tolerant environment where researchers can generate innovations

DECIDO deploys big data and cloud technologies in order to facilitate evidence-based policy making. DECIDO will map and analyse the relevant services and tools offered by EOSC, the European Open Science Cloud (such as EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Data Transfer, Amnesia and Zenodo) in order to assess how they can support public authorities in the whole policy making process. The project will also identify possible gaps of services/tools that need to be addressed by services external to EOSC.

The experience gathered on previous success stories such as Opencoasts, WeNMR and EOSC-DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs), shows how EOSC is already helping different communities and can be exploited for saving more lives and avoiding financial losses.

The aim of DECIDO will be to provide a risk-tolerant environment to help researchers generate innovations that respond to local authorities’ needs and requirements – without running the risk of ‘breaking’ essential infrastructure or incurring unnecessary costs. In particular the four selected pilots will help local authorities to establish a long-term view and require high standards with respect to reliability and cost-effectiveness. Through these pilots, DECIDO will demonstrate the groundbreaking impact of the adoption of innovative methodologies, tools and data to enable the effective development of better evidence-based  policies by public authorities.

Alongside these pilots, DECIDO is developing a Conceptualization Toolbox, in which we will report on the current deployment of big data and cloud technologies in the public sector.  The toolbox will contain everything needed to  support evidence-based  policies,  by  providing technical solutions,  data,  data  analytics, and the expertise needed for technical enabling activities.

With this toolbox, public authorities will be able to adopt data and cloud technologies and develop a suitable cloud infrastructure adapted to local and regional needs.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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