There are various definitions of innovation, but few can communicate its true purpose and the future implications it might bring. The European Commission specifies that the goal of innovation is to convert research results into new and better services and products in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace and improve the quality of life for EU citizens.  Taking this definition as a starting point and considering it as the most complete and clear meaning of innovation, it is possible to understand that innovation is a necessary process to increase the quality of life of citizens and in particular, since we are talking about innovation in European projects, of European citizens. In order to allow the innovation process to have its follow up and bring the desired results, it is necessary to start from the current deficiencies and needs. It is in fact through a careful analysis of the current scenario that the needs of individuals and companies can be captured. Once the type of innovation to be implemented is understood, care must be taken to ensure that it leads to incremental results over time and that its strength does not fade too soon. And it is factors such as competition, customer behavior, and the surrounding environment that drive the advancement of new projects that have innovation as their goal. EY will guide and follow the DECIDO project in the development of an innovation strategy that will last over time, thanks to its experience in the field of projects funded by the European Commission.

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