When trying to best serve any organisation, including organisations of the Public Sector, one of the most important tasks is to fully comprehend the needs and challenges faced in everyday activities, but also the ones related to the organisation’s strategic plans ang goals. 

DECIDO recognises the importance of this task and embeds it in its core project activities. DECIDO, during the first period of the project’s activity, carries out a detailed analysis focused on the use of Big Data and Cloud technologies in the public sector; putting particular focus on the use of the European Cloud Infrastructure (ECI). The analysis considers a wide spectrum of needs and challenges, indicatively (yet not exhaustively) including societal ones, needs and challenges of policy makers, of public servants and of stakeholders involved in the policy making lifecycle in general. 

Trying to avoid reinventing the wheel, DECIDO lies the foundations of the aforementioned analysis in previous European initiatives and projects, such as the Big Policy Canvas knowledge base and roadmap, as well as the SONNETS results. 

Additional methods deployed for the needs and challenges recognition and reporting include desk research of policy and scientific documents, as well as industry reports, both in and outside of the public service domain. 

Special mention should be made to the project’s intention to directly engage with a wide variety of stakeholders’ representatives (e.g., policy makers, public servants, practitioners, researchers, citizens) through interviews and focus groups. 

Once the needs and challenges recognition and reporting activities are considered complete, the results will be cross-analyzed and mapped to uncover similarities that can later help replicate successful practices and roadmaps in different policy making settings. 

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