DECIDO project was invited, on July 2nd, in a workshop organized by OpenAIRE for the French scientific community. The goal is to present the results of the work focused on a first integration between the Amnesia tool and DECIDO platform.

Amnesia is a software tool provided by EOSC catalogue and distributed by OpenAIRE, used for anonymization of a dataset that contains personal and/or sensitive data. For this purpose, a file containing personal data (original dataset) is loaded into Amnesia and this tool transforms it into an anonymous dataset, which can then be stored locally or published in Zenodo, which is another EOSC service for data storage.

DECIDO proposes to their pilots to adopt Amnesia as tool for being compliant with the Data Privacy and GDPR. A first integration was done in the Turin pilot, where the data are stored into a NAS (Network-Attached Storage). DECIDO technical team experimented two ways of deploying Amnesia. The first one is into a Personal Computer, within the LAN of the Turin municipality, connected directly to the NAS and the second one foresees the deployment directly into the NAS, by using the natively Docker functionalities.

This two ways to proceed have both pro and cons. DECIDO technical team is testing them in order to meet the need of the pilot.



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