The DECIDO clusters of all the countries where the pilots are taking place (Italy, Greece, Spain and Finland) are ready to go: however, before launching the field tests, the entire consortium will be engaged in the collection and careful analysis of the most promising co-creation practices between public administrations, associations, volunteers and citizens, in Europe and all over the world. This ambitious work will lead to the release of a new project deliverable, titled “Guidelines for DECIDO co-creation practices”: this document will be the basis for identifying the best methodologies, in order to give an important contribution, in each of the four identified areas, to the improvement of policies in the event of emergencies of various types, from floods to fires, from large-scale blackouts to the management of the primary and secondary effects of a pandemic, according to a multi-hazard approach. In parallel, a survey will also be conducted, through interviews with public servants, on the needs and challenges of the public administration, in order to make the pilots even more effective and responsive to expectations. As Vol.To, we will keep on working together with the Municipality of Turin and KPRF to carry out this research work in the Turin area (Italy)

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