The policy-making is a process divided in different activities to be carried out in order to achieve a prefixed goal. These set of activities are described as a policy-cycle (Howard 2005). In the DECIDO project, the consortium decided to take into account four phases of the Policy Life Cycle (PLC): Agenda setting, Policy formulation, Implementation & Maintenance, Evaluation. For each of these phases, DECIDO will provide a set of instruments (not only technical tools) to support the actors (citizens, decision-makers, businesses, organisations, etc.) in all phases of the PLC. In doing so, DECIDO pilot team and technical partners are working together to map the services and build the DECIDO Data Catalogue to be used during the experimentation phase to improve the current policies.

As for the data, we are considering three types of information. The first one is the information belongs to the pilot partners (e.g. municipalities) hosted in their legacy systems, the second one is composed of  all available open data useful to get more relevant information about the policy (e.g. flood probability, risk of forest fire), and the last one data coming from EOSC requested by pilot (e.g. satellite data, statistical data)

Each pilot selects the data to bring into the platformt tobe analysed in order to better understand how a policy really work and how it can be further improved. For example, the Greek pilot (dealing with policies on power outage) will consider calendar data concerning periods of high power demand (e.g. summer months, tourism periods) and possibly periods of past power outages. At the same time, they need to collect (open) data on weather and climate data for Greece – especially for the wider area of pilot (e.g. extreme winds, intense precipitation). This kind of data will be provided by EOSC.

As for the services, DECIDO consortium is taking into account technological services provided by EOSC to be run in the different phases of PLC (e.g. anonymization tools in case of personal data to anonymize data outside the consortium, data storage tools, data processing capacity, etc) but also complementary services provided by partners (e.g. participatory platform, engagement services, etc.).

During the phases of the DECIDO use cases experimentations, the actions to be carried out in the different PLC steps could be really run or simulated since the policy that will have to be improved is strictly correlated to the disaster risk management, which we hope will not happen.

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