DECIDO and other projects share their experiences at #EGI2021

In a dedicated session at #EGI2021, 5 projects funded by the DT-GOV-12 call (PolicyCloud, AI4PP, Decido, DUET, Intelcomp) share their experiences working with public sector actors. During this session, we’ll investigate how researchers can help facilitate public policy by sharing research data and working with advanced tools.

Let’s take a look at the participating projects, and if you want to join us, you can do so by simply registering for #EGI2021 here.

DECIDO (eviDEnce and Cloud for more InformeD and effective pOlicies)wants to boost the use of EOSC by Public Authorities enabling innovation in the policy-making sector allowing cross-support and cross-collaboration ,using secure compute and data intensive services. Decido involves citizens and local communities through co-creation activities for better targeted policies.

PolicyCloud exploits the potential of digitisation, big data and cloud to improve the modelling, creation and implementation of policies. Delivering a unique, integrated environment of datasets, data management, and analytic tools it addresses the full lifecycle of policy management in four thematic-areas (radicalisation, food-value chain, city environment, city services),leveraging the data management capabilities of the EOSC Initiative. PolicyCloud empowers the Citizens to contribute to data and policies related to their everyday-life.

AI4PP (AI for Public Policy) is a joint effort of policy makers and Cloud/AI experts to unveil AI’s potential for automated,transparent and citizen-centric development of public policies. The project will deliver, validate and promote the AI4PublicPolicy Platform, offering innovative policy management on unique AI technologies.

DUET (Digital Urban European Twins) is a EU initiative which leverages the advanced capabilities of cloud, sensor data and analytics in Digital Twins, to develop more democratic and effective public sector decision-making. DUET Digital Twins provide virtual city replicas where powerful analytics predict the impacts of potential change to make better evidence-based operational decisions and long-term policy choices.

Intelcomp develops a Competitive Intelligence Cloud/HPC Platform for AI-based Science, Technology and Innovation Policy-Making. Through co-creation, IntelComp will adopt a living labs approach, engaging public policy makers, academia, industry, SMEs, local actors and citizens to explore and experiment with.

#EGI2021 is the annual conference organised by the EGI Foundation. It takes place virtually from October 19th to October 21st 2021. Participation is free but registration is necessary via the conference website

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