Let’s first better understand what is meant by competitive edge and how this can be achieved, competitive edge refers to the elements of the solution and its products or services that create added value and differentiate the offering from that of competitors in the eyes of customers, in other words, a competitive edge is a set of features, services and solutions perceived as superior by the market segment compared to those of competitors.

The notion of competitive edge is most often linked to the notion of sustainability. Sustainability does not indicate mere temporal duration nor the fact that the advantage cannot persist indefinitely but refers to whether that advantage can be replicated by other solutions. Once we have introduced the concept of competitive advantage and its sustainability, we can say that the DECIDO solution lends itself to having a Competitive Advantage in its target sector, this is since DECIDO will leverage on the services offered by EOSC and at the same time will carry out an analysis of the existing EOSC services mapping them to DECIDO’s evidence-based decision methodology and the needs of policy makers in order to identify possible gaps and missing services.

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