Through the DECIDO project, a Finnish pilot is being organised, where a forest fire and evacuation cases will be trialled. The pilot will utilize the DECIDO portal, where first responders, civilians and public authorities can interact and co-create in all phases of the policy life cycle. The European Open Science Cloud resources will enable all stakeholder to develop evidence-based policies, to improve disaster response actions – and in the case of the Finnish pilot, wildfire, and evacuation management.

The DECIDO portal will provide an information, communication, and collaboration channel for first responders, where information gathered from third parties, such as weather and traffic information can be reviewed, risk assessment documentation shared for public hearing, and cooperation facilitated, with the support of the latest information and references to regional and national guidelines for emergency actions. 

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences with its expertise in data analytics will support the development of the DECIDO portal and ensure that features needed for the Finnish first responders are developed.