Last January the 27th two hackathons took place in Turin in the framework of DECIDO H2020 project. The first one addressed the issue of communication between owners of business initiatives on the left border of Po river in the area of Murazzi and the Civil Protection team before disasters.

During the exercise an improved policy has been drafted an it will be consolidate by one volunteer to be the base for further discussions.

The second Hackathon addressed the issue of food distribution during and after the COVID 19 lockdown. The main issue is the knowledge by citizens about the range of time between the last date to have a food in the market and its final time for consumption that differ from one type of food to another.

The entire policy has been examined and a process to address the issue of giving citizens the right information while aiming at improving their trust in the volunteering activities has been drafted and will be further addressed in future experiences.

In both cases some needed technology improvement as well as specific data collection were identified. While for specific technologies sources external to DECIDO should be found, data collection is going to be part of the DECIDO platform.