The Business Model Canvas is a strategic Business Design tool that uses visual language to create and develop innovative, high-value business models. A completed Business Model Canvas will highlight the key elements of a business model at a fixed point in time. This methodology will be applied to define the different business models that will be elaborated during the DECIDO business plan actions (WP6), in order to identify the one(s) that effectively address market gaps, create the greatest value and best serve sustainability.

It is composed by 9 Building Blocks, which are the following:

  • Key partners: the definition of partnerships and relevant actors and stakeholders enabling the organisation’s operation.
  • Key activities: the definition of the main activities necessary for the operation of the organisation.
  • Key resources: the main assets necessary for the organisation’s operation.
  • Value proposition: the range of product(s)/service(s) targeted at the desired customer segment.
  • Customer relationship: the relationship that an organisation has with its targeted customers.
  • Customer segment: the labelling of the targeted groups of people that an organisation seeks to approach.
  • Channel: the ways an organisation reaches out to its targeted customers and offer their unique value proposition.
  • Cost structure: the outline of the expenses involved in the organisation’s operation.

Revenue stream: the outlines of the revenue an organisation generates from its targeted customers.

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