DECIDO releases report on the current deployment of big data and cloud technologies in the public sector

DECIDO is gathering best practises related to the deployment of big data and cloud technologies to support evidence-based policy making. In a soon to be released deliverable, DECIDO analysed the services and data made available by EOSC and other sources, mapping them to the needs and challenges of the public sector.

We asked these projects what they could learn from their own project outcomes, and how they would optimise the use of big data and cloud technologies for evidence-based policy making, aimed at policy makers at EU and national level, and this is what they reported:

Some of the tools provided by EOSC have been identified as useful for big data processing in distributed infrastructures. Those tools have been used in other projects and have already reached high maturity. Some examples: Zenodo, Amnesia, EGI Check-in, Notebooks-Jupyter Notebooks, DataHub, EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Online Storage.

Because the consulted projects are active in very different research areas and contexts, the DECIDO project should establish strong communication channels so as to learn and share knowledge about appropriate tools to facilitate collaboration and cross-fertilisation.

There is a need for an EOSC dataset catalogue, collecting useful datasets with public information available to support evidence-based policy making. This is part of the plan for the development of EOSC and might be available in the next 2 years, toward the end of the DECIDO project.

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