As the second year of the DECIDO project begins, first responders, public authorities and technical partners continue collaboration on the development of the DECIDO portal. With insight into the operational procedure provided by the public authorities and first responders, needs assessed to identify technological and information gaps, the design of the portal can fully begin.

In the context of the Finnish forest fire use case, the public authorities and first responders require the DECIDO portal to provide features specific to wildfire events and ensure that policy making and data in the system can be shared internally, and that local businesses, civilians and civil societies can be part of the policy making process in an interactive, and iterative manner. Non-governmental organizations, civilians, and businesses provide valuable insight in all stages of policy making and planning and are a crucial part in management and operations of disaster response situations.

Looking forward, the public authorities in Kajaani plan to engage local stakeholders to assess the needs of the mentioned parties, and receive feedback on the DECIDO portal design, and further improve the policy making process.

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