With the close of the first year of the project, we take a look back and reflect on the accomplishments. In cooperation with technical partners and policy experts: 1) the local emergency procedures and risk areas have been assessed 2) Technology gaps identified during emergency work, as well as technological and procedural resources available for public authorities at this time, 3) Policy lifecycle modelled and presented to the consortium, 4) existing and potential data points and sources identified for use through the DECIDO platform, 5) Stakeholders engaged for dissemination and co-creation sessions.

Wildfire management and preparedness will become one of the key focus areas of future first response operations in the region in the summer periods. Knowledge and awareness is crucial in forming efficient policies for prevention and preparedness. The Kainuu Rescue Department will be an active participant in the development of the DECIDO portal. Special care is given to the functionalities and features to meet the needs of first responders and public authorities. EOSC and the DECIDO portal will bridge the gap in technology, knowledge, and ease of information sharing to provide data for evidence-based policy making.

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