DECIDO entered in the second phase of the project, that one of the Implementation. In the next months, the technical team will work to develop the DECIDO Portal that will support the policy making actors in the phases of the Policy Life Cycle. The DECIDO Portal is the front-end of the DECIDO Platform made up of several tools and digital services. The DECIDO Platform leverages on the use of EOSC services, as cloud and infrastructure services, used in SAAS modality. Each digital service will be integrated in the DECIDO Portal and the users can follow each step of the Policy Life Cycle, using suggested services for each phase.

The DECIDO Platform will work with data coming from heterogeneous sources. Any service providing access to data through an API can be a data source for DECIDO. Apart from that, data can be uploaded and described directly in the DECIDO platform through its portal.

In many cases, DECIDO will rely on the data sources with open data, but it will also support the proprietary data. DECIDO will provide an external anonymization tool for the data providers. They can use this tool in their own IT infrastructure to anonymise the sensitive data before it gets shared or uploaded to the DECIDO platform.

The DECIDO portal will be the unique initial point of access for diverse functionalities, services and guidelines provided by the DECIDO ecosystem for different stakeholders.

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