Data Week 2022 was the spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. In Data Week, the participants share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest, find synergies, build new collaborations and identify new challenges and recommendations. Data Week also links the communities and their results to the European policies and market needs and brings European initiatives and activities closer to local communities.

Data Week 2022 main theme is “Towards an innovative, trusted and fair European data economy”.

Nowadays, cities are gathering big amount of data which are available for everyone. Governments and different projects are using this data to improve the quality of life of citizens and to close public administration to cities.

Data is recognised as an asset in a data-driven public sector, which is part of policy making, service delivery, organisational management and innovation. However, available data often include insufficient quality, lack of understanding, wrong interpretation and wrong decision-making, leading to less transparency and accountability and less trust, so mechanisms are needed that can improve data-driven public policies.

There is a strategic trend to embrace data-driven public services to positively impact outcomes by promoting data-driven policy making and data-supported service design.

In this context DECIDO experience is growing toward an innovative policy improvement practise based on evidences coming from data.

Watch the video: DECIDO-DW22

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