The aim of the Greek pilot is to formulate, adapt and implement though co-creation a new evidence-based policy for the management of sudden power outages in the municipality of Halki.

To dive into the matter, Sustainable City organized the first Greek Hackathon in April 2022. Among the participants were the ​vice mayor of Halki, 2 city hall employees, ​4 members of NTUA and 4 employees of SCΝ​. The conversation was fruitful, and a lot of information was surfaced about previous power outages and management policies. As the vice-mayor informed us, there is a lack of a concrete policy for managing such events.

Moving forward, preparations about forming the co-creation team and designing a new solution for power outage response have begun. Contacts were made and a conversation has started with residents of the island who showed an interest to participate in the pilot activities.

Additionally, new energy consumption data of the island, concerning pre-covid years, were collected and recorded into DATABUILD in order to be available to the DECIDO technological solutions and to help us estimate the average and peak power consumption, vital factors for the formation of a concrete policy.olleet eri puolilla alueita järjestetyt evakuointikeskuksia koskevat julkiset tilaisuudet, joihin osallistui runsaasti kansalaisia, jotka jakoivat näkemyksiään. 

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