DECIDO Consortium is developing the DECIDO Portal, that is the unique access point for the policy makers, citizens and businesses to create and manage a Policy, in a multidisciplinary way.

In the light of Continuous Developing and Continuous Integration paradigm, the technical team started the development phase followed by the integration one. We fixed several points of control, to show the advancement to the stakeholders involved in the Pilots to obtain their feedback and, in case, tune the User Interface, the User Interaction and the DECIDO Portal functionalities.

This allows us to deliver a first version of the DECIDO Portal completely compliant with the user requirements.

The idea is to not reinvent the wheel. DECIDO Portal is an integration of several Digital Services provided by different actors, such as: EOSC Cloud Services, partner components, complementary services. We defined three strategies to integrate all these services. The choice of a specific strategy could be appropriately made by considering the component’s complexity to be integrated and the level of interaction between diverse components. Taking into account that the technology used to develop the user interface of the DECIDO Portal  is Angular, below the strategies we defined for the Front-end integration:

  • Template component integration: This type of integration strategy adds a new application as a new component of the template, taking advantage of the full features provided by the template itself.
  • External component integration: This type of integration strategy adds the applications through iframes (that is, to embed in an HTML page another HTML document) or links provided using Nebular component.
  • Finally, considering the possibility of having a diverse front-end technological stack for each logical component, another way to proceed should be to adopt a similar look and feel following the UI guideline. In fact, the UI guidelines provide a common header/footer block, logo, and some general styles/components (such as buttons, colours, fonts and other graphic components) that should be used in the development of the component that must be integrated in the DECIDO Portal.

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