In order to successfully extend the EOSC knowledge ecosystem beyond the core research community, EOSC must demonstrate value and impact that is relevant and meaningful to the diverse groups belonging to broader public sectors.

Therefore, EOSC must better understand the wants, needs and requirements of this specific user segment, while at the same time, there is also the need to understand what value the public sector brings to the table for EOSC in order to understand the impact. To bridge this gap,  brings together innovative public administrations, leading European ICT service providers, and research institutions. And as part of this action, DECIDO is working on the idea of establishing an ‘EOSC Competence Centre for Public Authorities’.

Through the EOSC Competence Centre, DECIDO will establish a bilateral collaboration between the project pilot operators and their teams of experts, and the EOSC supply side. This collaboration focuses on two elements:

·       creating a channel for the exchange of support and technical expertise,

·       service exploitation and outreach

The Competence Centre will be open to the participation of providers that will be identified during the project lifetime as relevant according to the needs of the pilots. The membership of the Competence Centre expects also be extended to cover public authorities and policy makers piloting in broader range of projects such as Policy Cloud , DUET, IntelComp and AI4PublicPolicy and any further interested stakeholders.
In order to extend the lifetime of the Competence Centre beyond the duration of the project, an open and collaborative approach will be used, in order to create a governance structure that will represent all stakeholders, both public authorities and the technical partners.

For more background information, and an overview of our plans, discover the full text here

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