Happy New Year from the DECIDO project. As announced, 2023 will see the start of deployment for the different pilots of the DECIDO Portal, whose components are:

  • Co-creation Tool, to collect feedback of users to the policy documents and other materials shared during the co-creation process;
  • Survey Tool, to receive structured feedback from citizens through the filling of digital forms;
  • Data Analytics, to analyse the collected data with the help of specific functional sub-components;
  • Data Catalogue, containing the descriptions of data used during co-creation and including the references to the stored data files;
  • Policy Editor, to work on all project related assets, like the gathering of data sources, the definition of KPIs, the formulation of policies etc.;
  • Decido Observatory, where the best practices of data driven policy management are presented;
  • DataHub, providing users the ability to define own areas (projects), in which they can collect and analyse data, results and collaboratively work with other users.

We welcome the DECIDO Portal, which will help all clusters to carry out pilot scenarios in Italy, Spain, Finland and Greece more effectively and efficiently.

For more information and to register on the open front end interface, please connect to https://decido.eng.it/decido-portal/pages/home

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