On 14 December 2022, #DECIDO was presented at the 6th Annual Conference and General Assembly of the #Sustainable_City Network in Athens. SCN’s General Manager, Mr. Ioannis Georgizas, presented to the participants the main objectives of the project, highlighting the aspects of its innovation and the opportunities that will arise after its implementation. Among the attendees were many ministers, regional governors and mayors who expressed great enthusiasm and interest in hearing more about the project.

The Mayor of #Halki, Mr. Evangelos Fragkakis, was also present and after pointing out the success of the island in terms of energy savings through virtual net-metering, he enthusiastically underlined the advantages that #DECIDO will bring in terms of preventing and predicting #power_outages and forecasting energy demand – energy savings.

After finalizing the co-creation team, the SCN partners in collaboration with stakeholders are now ready to implement another hackathon during this co-creation session in order to come one step closer to the main objective of the pilot project: Predicting power outage events while anticipating and responding to #emergency_situations.

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