The second year of the project is coming to an end with a lot of work done and results achieved from methodological and technical point of view.

The main activities were focused on the integration of the DECIDO components into the DECIDO Portal. This was released, as beta version, for the beginning of the first experimentation phase started on September 2021. The DECIDO Portal supports the actors involved in the Policy Life Cycle in the activities to be performed in each phase, from managing the co-creation activities to collecting data from different data sources, analysing them, and creating the needed dashboards.

Kajaani, Turin, Halki island and Aragon Government started collecting data to build the DECIDO Data Catalogue. Co-creation session were arranged in all pilots to test the DECIDO tools and to check the DECIDO co-creation methodology. Many conferences were attended to disseminate the results achieved so far and receive feedback of the academic, scientists, policy makers and stakeholders around the Europe.

All the lessons learnt will be collected, analysed and made available through DECIDO web site.

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