From September 2022 until March 2023, #Sustainable_City team has made tremendous strides in achieving the goals of the #DECIDO project, which focuses on addressing #power_outages in #Halki.

The team has successfully established a stakeholder group comprising individuals from various sectors to provide input and guidance on the project’s development. Through this initiative, the #Greek­_Pilot team has conducted three successful hackathons, bringing together diverse stakeholders to generate innovative solutions to address power­ outages in Halki.

The team has facilitated two co-creation sessions that fostered collaboration between stakeholders and the project team. Through these sessions, stakeholders had the opportunity to test the DECIDO portal and familiarise themselves with the necessary tools and knowledge to use the portal effectively.

To ensure a data-driven approach to the development of the #Policy, the team launched a survey to collect additional data on emergencies and power outages in Halki. Combining #data from existing datasets, hackathons, and survey responses, the first draft of the Policy on power outages in the #Municipality of Halki has been created.

The Policy will be further refined in terms of improving the preparation and management of power outage events, highlighting the likelihood of an upcoming blackout, forecasting energy demand, energy conservation, and recommending insightful actions for the local authority to prevent the crisis of a power­ outage event.

The next step is to send respective alerts and adaptation actions to social actors and citizens, depending on the season and weather conditions.

These achievements demonstrate the Greek Pilot team’s commitment to the success of the DECIDO project and highlight their significant contribution to the project’s development.

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