As two years of the project pass, the Finnish pilot on forest fires marks the conclusion of the first round of trailing. Initial work started with the agenda of addressing the threats of forest fires, and slowly developed into objectives for enhancing the prevention and preparedness of end users: 1) Resourcing – Identification and sharing of available resource information among direct emergency actors and support organizations, 2) Citizen Safety During Emergencies – Means to evacuate, shelter, and keep track of citizens for a limited amount of time during emergencies, and 3) Prevention and preparedness planning – Mitigation strategies to reduce forest fire risk and educate citizens (formal and informal ways) on emergency actions. The overarching theme of the objectives is the need for better communication among experts and actors as well as better communication between citizens. Currently, the proposed measures are reviewed internally by agencies directly involved in the policy development and external stakeholder organizations. Once completed, the proposed policy is published for citizen consultations.

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