The main output of Decido.H2020 is on the one hand the Co-Creation methodology that has to be followed during #PolicyCreation, and on the other hand will develop technological #tools that facilitate and support the execution of the #policyLifeCycle activities described by the Co-Creation methodology in different stages.
The #DECIDO portal should be the unique initial point of access for diverse functionalities, services and guidelines provided by the DECIDO ecosystem for different #stakeholders.

Within the Consortium, #EY team is leading the design of an innovative #BusinessPlan which is taking as input all the technical data, and the different groups of users engaged, their needs, challenges and feedback to provide an estimation of adoption and social acceptance of the #services. Moreover, EY is organizing different activities to involve all the partners, in order to build a strong Business Plan and ensure the long-term #sustainability of the project.

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