On the last day of the CAiSE conference, the Ibercivis team presented the paper “A cloud-based platform to support policymaking: The case of the DECIDO project” during the research projects panel. It was a great opportunity to be part of the panel on process mining and industry adoption, alongside five other panelists, and to present the DECIDO project and the Aragon pilot.

The DECIDO project showcases the potential of utilizing co-creation to enhance evidence-based policymaking, which is of great interest to the CAiSE community. By involving stakeholders in policymaking, it ensures a more comprehensive approach to the development and implementation of information systems. This approach aligns the systems more closely with user needs, promotes transparency, and fosters mutual understanding and cooperation among diverse stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. This collaboration is essential when addressing complex issues in Information Systems Engineering.

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