The purpose of DECIDO Exploitation Plan is to outline a comprehensive strategy to effectively leverage the outcomes of the project aimed at linking Public Administrations (PAs) to the data and compute infrastructure of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), piloting the access to and exploitation of a great wealth of additional resource.

According to the European Commission report” State-of-play report on digital public administration and interoperability 2022”, European countries have made progress in digital transformation, particularly in the areas of public administration, digital government services, and digital inclusion. Between 2020 and 2022, countries implemented various initiatives such as strategies, action plans, and frameworks to enhance their digital processes and services. Indeed, The European Commission’s key priority is to create a Europe fit for the Digital Age, ensuring the development of technology for the people, promoting a fair and competitive digital economy, and a European digital transformation aligned with open, democratic, and sustainable society goals. 

 The DECIDO project aligns perfectly with these objectives as his primary mission is to demonstrate the innovative impact of adopting the European cloud infrastructure to gain access to shared data within evidence-based decision-making processes that are more targeted and effective. In this way, DECIDO enables PAs to fully leverage shared data, analytical tools and co-creation methodologies to develop evidence-based policies. 

ENG’s priority is to facilitate and optimize long-term exploitation opportunities of the DECIDO Portal through a major awareness about the project’s results and encourage the active participation of public administration officials and decision-makers, IT professionals and data experts, industries, citizens and civil society organizations in policy-making processes.  In this way, the project’s outcomes and knowledge will be addressed to the market through a well-defined business plan that ensures long-term sustainability.   

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