Following the 5th General Assembly held in Halki, we now put our focus on further developing and expanding the use of the DECIDO Portal in the second phase of the project.

The Italian pilot has fully committed to apply this in its three scenarios (Flood, Food, and Asylum).

To support co-creation, data collection and data analysis, hackathons will be organized exclusively using the DECIDO Portal as a tool. These are the next steps for the Italian pilot:

Flood scenario: the portal will aid in developing targeted alert messages for a broader range of recipients.

Food scenario: collaborations with local food companies will be facilitated through the Italian Food Bank, aiming to extend the use of experimental labels on a larger scale.

Asylum scenario: the DECIDO Portal will collect and store a list of FAQs suggested by volunteers of the Ukrainian refugee call center to ensure the website’s usefulness and constant updating.

The DECIDO Portal’s new, user-friendly interface will be disseminated to stakeholders involved in each scenario. This includes Civil Protection first responders in the Flood scenario, associations distributing food products in the Food scenario, and volunteers of the Ukrainian refugee call center in the Asylum scenario.

Overall, the objective is to enhance collaboration and improve data analysis by leveraging the DECIDO Portal’s capabilities.

Photo by Alberto Cognetti on Unsplash

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