On 4-5 July 2023, #Sustainable_City team hosted the 5th General Assembly of the #DECIDO project in the charming environment of Halki. The event, designed in a hybrid format, aimed to accommodate both physical and online participants.

The assembly had a clear objective: assess the progress on all work packages of the project and present the reconfigured platform and policies for the second phase of the project experimentation. Notable attendees included Halki’s Mayor, Mr. Evangelos Fragkakis, the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Vassileios Roussakis, the General Manager of Sustainable City, Mr. Ioannis Georgizas, and members of the project’s participatory co-creation team (Greek pilot).

The first day started with warm greetings from the General Manager of Sustainable City, followed by greetings from the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. Sustainable City team then successfully presented the second phase of policy formulation to address the #power_outages in #Halki, the designated study area.

A subsequent session detailed the actions of the participatory co-creation team. This comprehensive review outlined past efforts and the critical upcoming steps needed for smooth policy implementation. The co-creation team expressed their willingness to actively participate in the policy formulation and execution to address a long-standing problem in their community.

During the 2nd day of the meeting, several presentations and discussions were held on the next steps to be taken, followed by a visit to the Town Hall of the island, in order for the partners to have a look at the energy consumption sensor installed by #Sustainable_City to record power outage events.

The collection of this data is very crucial to achieve the objective of the Greek team and to create a policy that will anticipate the possibility of a power cut. For this reason, the installation of the sensor in the Town Hall was an important step in achieving the objective and solving the problem.

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