DECIDO was presented during the last European Citizen Science Collaboration Group Meeting on October 7th, 2023. The webinar was focused on the “Citizen engagement, motivation and recruitment”, discussing with all the other projects belonging to the ECS cluster.

The key component of any citizen science project is undeniably the citizen scientists themselves. Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor their interests, motivations, and expectations in order to ensure the success and long-term viability of citizen science initiatives. However, maintaining consistent engagement and preserving high levels of motivation among citizens can prove to be challenging for many projects. On October 7th, DECIDO and RadoNorm organised a session to discuss strategies for effectively engaging citizens and, more importantly, keeping them motivated and involved. This session sparked insightful discussions and provided valuable insights for further consideration.

The Social Hackathon was highlighted by DECIDO as the strategy to involve citizens. The citizens

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