On October 25th, a training session on the DECIDO project will start at Volontariato Torino headquarters. The training is held by representatives of the Turin Cluster and is addressed to 125 young volunteers currently involved in the Italian National Civil Service (SCU) projects managed by Volontariato Torino. About 25 Civil Service volunteers will participate in each of the five training days, which will take place as follows: a theoretical introduction on the DECIDO project – with a focus on evidence-based policies and the role of citizens in emergency situations – followed by a hackathon on one of the three scenarios (flood emergency, fight against food waste, reception of Ukrainian refugees) of the Turin pilot, attended by stakeholders related to each topic.

Training participants will have the opportunity to witness the co-creation process, interacting with the scenario stakeholders and contributing to the process with their own suggestions.

If it is not possible to organise a hackathon during the training days, video clips of hackathons already held in Turin will be screened and commented on by the trainers, in order to clearly highlight the use of hackathons as a tool for co-creation within the DECIDO project.

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