Power Outage Prediction Revolutionised!

Introducing Our Advanced LSTM Model – The Future of Smart Sensing and Proactive Alerts!

Utilising cutting-edge sensor data from Chalki’s Town Hall and comprehensive weather datasets, our LSTM model stands out in AI innovation. Trained meticulously from July to October 2023, it’s not just another AI model; it’s the best in class after rigorous feature selection and analysis.

Here’s the Breakthrough: Our model analyses past sensor data to predict power outage probabilitiy for the next two hours. If there’s a chance higher than 65% of a power outage, our system classifies it as such.

Accuracy Meets Action: But we didn’t stop there. We’ve set up an efficient endpoint that not only provides this probabilitiy but also recommends immediate alerts to be sent for high-risk scenarios. No more guesswork, only smart, data-driven decisions!

Stay ahead of power outages and ensure uninterrupted service. Our LSTM model isn’t just predicting; it’s protecting.

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