After three productive years, the DECIDO project is set to finish at the end of February 2024. In this article, we look back at our work, the experiences, and what it means for the future. 

As a rescue department, Kainuun pelastuslaitos was one of the pilot organizers, and end users of the DECIDO solution in the project. This gave us the chance to collaborate with other public authorities across Europe and technology developers implementing the DECIDO portal.  

The Finnish pilot focused on forest fires in the region of Kainuu. As fires in neighboring regions and countries increase, the project was an opportunity to examine causes and together with national stakeholders explore and implement solutions. Through two rounds of piloting, the project team convened regional and national experts, identified the most common cause to be human actions, and agreed on approaches to enhance communication and awareness campaigns to reach citizens and educate on fire risks and prevention.

The DECIDO portal provided a streamlined policy development process, and included tools for analyzing data, collaboration and gathering of citizen feedback on the policy proposal. In addition, the policy development methodology facilitated the co-creation process by helping the pilot team structure their work, share responsibilities and contribute with their expertise.

The experiences gained from the DECIDO project have provided the pilot team with valuable knowledge in evidence-based policy making. The team will seek future opportunities for the improvement of their policy making process and seek participation jointly with European partners to contribute to the domain.


As the DECIDO project comes to an end, we look back at the past 3 years: we hosted 2 rounds of the Finnish pilot and worked with civil security experts to develop evidence-based policies for forest fire awareness. The project was a great learning opportunity, and we look forward to future projects to continue improving our policy making process.

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