The successful implementation of the policy designed to manage power outages in Halki is now a reality! As a next step, #Sustainable­_City and the Municipality of #Halki are taking the initiative to share this valuable experience with other municipalities in Greece.
To achieve this, a webinar is scheduled for 7 February, featuring speakers from Sustainable City Network, #NTUA and policymakers from the participatory co-creation team of the #Greek_Pilot. The primary goal is to disseminate information about the created policy and its formulation method through the DECIDO platform for its further exploitation.
The webinar will feature presentations on the results of DECIDO and the Greek policy on how to prevent and manage #power_outage events. Following that, local authorities and the co-creation team will be provided with an opportunity to share their experiences and discuss the benefits derived from the policy’s implementation.
The impactful results of the project, particularly the Greek Pilot, have significantly influenced the approach to handling power outages. It is crucial that other municipalities, utilizing this tool, can learn from this experience and formulate their own policies to address emergencies in their municipalities.

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