In Finland policy work is primarily developed through co-creation sessions between stakeholders of the relevant agenda or policy domain. At the start of the project, the domain chosen was forest fire prevention and mitigation, with the specific agenda to be formulated during the project. The Finnish pilot on forest fires therefore engaged the Finnish Forestry Centre, Emergency Services College, Social Welfare Authority, Kainuu Rescue Department, The City of Kajaani and the Finnish National Rescue Association. Through analysis of statistics and data that the stakeholders posses, it was identified that human actions are the main source of fire outbreaks.

Citizens therefore present the main focus of the policy, and how to reduce the number of outbreaks through policy actions. The stakeholders agreed to utilize various communication channels, planned events, and awareness campaigns to reach and engage citizens.

Once the first policy draft was prepared, citizens were engaged to review and provide feedback on the proposal. A concept that was barely used, but provided an opportunity to test and evaluate through the DECIDO project. The DECIDO portal and policy development methodology provided the necessary tools to present the policy to citizens in a coherent and easy to comprehend way.

The approach is useful to provide a wider, more representative perspective on the impact of the policy, additional solutions, and alternative approaches. KAHY takes the lessons learned from and continues to utilize the DECIDO approach to bridge the gap between experts and citizens in the policy making process.

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