A Paradigm in policy making:

the Horizon 2020 – 101004605

DECIDO (eviDEnce and Cloud

for more InformeD and effective

pOlicies) project

The author of the foreword is a non-expert in the variety of competencies around the world of policy making. For certain situations this is a disadvantage even though it enables us to consider the matter from different angle. From this position, this book aims to give evidence of the various technologies and methodologies enhanced by years of research and experiments on the field to create and co-create emergencies policies. A massive effort is dedicated in DECIDO in citizen’s engagement which is crucial for the success of any use case within the project.

A further difficulty faced is the lack of a proper way to measure resilience both in qualitative and quantitative terms. Empirical evidence demonstrates the non-uniformity in defining all the processes and measures adopted from a pilot site to achieve this purpose. This consideration encourages the need of the creation of a proper “policy creation certification” like is happening in other emerging sectors. As per the mentioned certification its potential of innovation lies in the principles from which it draws inspiration, that is the sharing of responsibility in the management of an emergency, the control of activities generating impacts and the use of market mechanisms that seek in policy co-creation a source of competitive advantage which can used by all the categories of involved subjects starting from Public Administration, control bodies, other Institutions, citizens all pillars on which the DECIDO project is based on. However, there are other vast obstacles before thinking about a possible resilience certification. These relate to the fact that every site and every emergency treated in each site has its own peculiarities.

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