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Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy / Kajaani University of Applied

KAMK was founded in 1992. It offers higher education for experts, supports professional growth and carries
on Research & Development activities. It also offers and develops adult education to maintain and strengthen
the working life skills. KAMK has five competence areas which emphasize international activities. For
example, the Information Systems competence area combines KAMK business information technology and
information technology expertise with the regionally and nationally significant Center of Measurement and
Information Systems Research and Training – CEMIS. Mechanical and Mining Engineering is KUAS’
newest and most rapidly developing competence area. The Business and Innovations competence area is an
all-encompassing function that advances the growth of business competence and enterprise capability and
enables the development of appropriate project and business operations throughout the other competence
areas. Simultaneously, Business and Innovations develops student-lead enterprise and development schemes at KUAS. KAMK has long experience both in implementing and managing EU-projects. KAMK carries out
approximately 40-45 projects per year. Approximately 55 man-years are completed in R&D work yearly.
The budget of the R&D department is ca 4-5 MEUR per year.
KAMK research, development and innovation work supports enterprises and business life locally, nationally
and, on its fields of focus, also internationally. KUAS is an important factor in the regional development of
the Kainuu region. In RDI we also focus on the needs of the labour-markets through higher education
development projects. Most of our projects are collaborative undertakings with private companies, education
institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other bodies. Our RDI-budget is around
4-5 million euros per year including 55-person work years. There are around 200 private companies
collaborating with our RDI-projects.

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