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Kpeople Research Foundation is part of Kpeople ltd group, it has been spin off in 2016 in order to
concentrate all research activities dedicated to social challenges. Kpeople has been established in 1998,
specialized in Grants and Innovation Management, providing support services to private and public
organizations in innovation processes, technology transfer, and funding for research, development and
One of the most active sectors in Kpeople organization is the Public Sector process upgrading, which
witnesses the strategic attention of the company toward PA related issues, with the ambition of promoting a
new thinking in Public Sector in approaches such as: co-decision making in e-government, social innovation,
management of commons such as cultural heritage and qualitative evaluation methodology.
The mission of KPRF is toward Social Innovation that is strongly needed to tackle real-world complexity. In
this framework KPRF is addressing researches emphasizing the relevance of SSH.
SSH do not only bring a reflective perspective but are characterized by a generative nature that produces
visions and future scenarios. KPRF aims at helping society with SSH researches, to shape the future through
ideas, experiments, scenarios, interpretations, facts that can address challenges and re-orient them by
envisioning long and short terms innovations.
KPeople works on the generative nature of SSH that produces research which presents some common
– Complexity: SSH show a repertoire of approaches, methods and tools that are much more
effective in dealing with mapping and understanding complexity;
– Situatedness: the adoption of traditional innovation is quite distant from the mainstream
of generative SSH that recognize situated, human-centered and participatory research approaches as
the bases for building successful innovation processes, products and solutions;
– Culturally framed scenarios: SSH tend to produce visions and interpretations of the possible futures
that strongly rely on past and present values, beliefs, motivations and cultures;
– Interdisciplinarity: SSH can easily be integrated with complementary disciplines to solve complex
issues in innovative ways.
KP researchers are actives in three European Countries (Malta, Italy, UK), on serving mainly public sector
The growth of the mother company can be attributed to a unique combination of services, based on profound
insight in research, innovation and funding strategies, up-to-date knowledge and more than 25 years
expertise with more than 15 funding programs in most EU countries. The organization has the proven capability to link innovation suppliers and adopters from a unique Europewide stakeholders network in multiple sectors, using advanced methodologies and proprietary on-line

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