Who we are

Diktyo Poleon Gia Ti Viosimi Anaptyxi Kai Kykliki Oikonomia /
Cities Network For Sustainable Development And Circular Economy

“SUSTAINABLE CITY” was established as a civil, non-profit organization with the intention to provide
substantial technical support in informing, networking and managing the Municipalities that partake in it,
enabling them to prepare and submit proposals to European Programmes and utilize the available funding.
The members of the Network are 44 Municipalities from Greece and Cyprus, the National Technical
University of Athens, the Maniatakeion Foundation, the Institute of Environment and Sustainable
Development of Cyprus and the Municipality’s Union for Waste Management in Peloponnese Region.
The leading aspirations of the Network is to plan and act to develop a network of cooperation among its
members as far as the sectors of Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Environmental Protection,
Circular Economy and Eco-innovation are concerned.
The network seeks to actualize its objectives through scientific and technical research and technical support
in the phase of the design and submission of proposals and, subsequently, operation, ultimately aiming to
develop and implement innovative programs and policies in the following sectors: Sustainable
Development, Strategic and Operational Outlines, Protection of the Environment, Circular and Social
Economy and Eco-innovation, Waste Management, Sustainability, Cultural Promotion and Growth,
Tourism Development, Agricultural Development, Facilitating participation in Employment,
Reconstructing and Fostering social cohesion, Energy Conservation.

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