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Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation

  Tecnalia Research and Innovation (TECNALIA, www.tecnalia.com) is a private, non-for-profit, applied
research centre of international excellence with a strong market orientation aiming at achieving the major
impact in economic terms, through the innovation and technological development. TECNALIA is the largest
private R&D&I entity in Spain and the 5th in Europe, with a staff of over 1470 employees (248 PhDs), and
an income of 110M€ in 2018.
The whole team at TECNALIA has one GOAL: to transform technology into GDP, meaning wealth to
improve people’s quality of life through the generation of business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is
committed to generate major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological
development, addressed by 6 business divisions covering the economic sectors of Building Technologies,
Energy and Environment, ICT, Industry and Transport, Lab Services, and Health. TECNALIA has been
granted 396 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies.
TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer. Current ratio of female/male employees is 43/57.
TECNALIA is a key agent in the ERA – European Research Area. TECNALIA actively participates in the
governing bodies of several European Technology Platforms, PPPs and JTIs (EEB, FOF, SPIRE,
ARTEMIS…). In FP7 activity TECNALIA had position 11th among RTOs and 23rd in absolute, according
to the EC’s 7th FP7 Monitoring Report (Final), since we partnered in 377 projects, coordinating 81 of them;
in H2020 TECNALIA is similarly active and participates in 261 projects, coordinating 51 of them, up to the
end of August 2019. TECNALIA is a member of EARTO and of EUROTECH, linking together the most
important RTOs in Europe. TECNALIA has been the more active organization in the ARTEMIS
Programme, participating in 27 projects and also in 13 ECSEL projects.
TECNALIA is member and belongs to the Steering Board of the main EU Partnerships (PPPs, KETs, KICs,
ETPs, EIPs, JTIs such as euRobotics, BDVA, AIOTI, ECSO, ECSEL, AI Alliance, FoF, EEB, EGVI,
SPIRE, NEM, KIC EIT Digital, KIC EIT Manufacturing).
As for the commercialization of its initiatives, TECNALIA Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary for the
commercialisation of innovative technology-based results, turning innovative technology assets into new
profitable and sustainable businesses and generating economic value for society. TECNALIA Ventures
focuses on accelerating the development of disruptive technologies to transform them into investable
business opportunities and managing the portfolio of TECNALIA spin-offs, currently integrated by a
portfolio of 15 start-ups in a wide range of sectors.
The University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV), Tecnalia and Donostia International Physics Center
(DIPC) are the founding members of Euskampus (2010, http://euskampus.ehu.es/en/) a project with attained
the qualification of International Campus of Excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2010).
Euskampus partners with the PRES of the Universities of Bordeaux in the Euskampus-Bordeaux Transborder
The current project will be carried out mainly by the ICT Division in Tecnalia. The ICT Division’s mission
is researching for new procedures to create an interconnected, interactive world, more efficient, friendlier,
safer and with better services and contributes in the creation of new technological solutions and smart products. TECNALIA ICT Division has been for a long-time member of the Spanish chapter of ISO/IEC
JTC 1/SC7 (Software and Systems Engineering) and is currently a member of the Board of Directors and
Partnership Board of ECSO European Cybersecurity Organisation.
High-Performance Architectures Group (HPA) at TECNALIA
The TECNALIA Group in Cloud Technologies and High-Performance Architectures has as main goal the
research of cost-efficient big data and cloud architectures. The research strategy of the platform revolves
around the following topics:
1. New service models for the (multi-, mobile-) cloud: cloud architectures design, interoperability and
clouds federation; design of multi-cloud applications and their dynamic reconfiguration, cloud
service brokers.
2. DevOps and best practices for software development. Infrastructure as Code.
3. Advanced Big data architectures: Design, development and deployment of big data platforms in all
kinds of infrastructures (on-premise, cloud and hybrid), assessment, migration and new
developments and delivery of operational and analytical processes based on the technology stack of
big data.
The team is composed of Computer Scientists and Telecommunication Engineers with a strong international
profile and experience in the software development industry. Among the most important European H2020
projects of this team is ARTIST (www.artist-project.eu ), DECIDE (www.decide-h2020.eu ) and CITADEL
Artificial Intelligence Group (HPA) at TECNALIA
The AI Platform (Artificial Intelligence) concentrates its activity and know-how in the derivation of new
stochastic search algorithms, grouping, prediction, data mining and, in general, artificial intelligence
techniques for the resolution of highly complex problems and not treatable by mathematical optimization
analytical techniques.
In 2019 TECNALIA has won the European DatSci Awards, in the category of “Best use of Data Science/AI
for Industry4.0” for their smart system for energy efficiency in industry 4.0. In 2017 TECNALIA received
the EARTO Innovation award in the Impact Delivered category for the development of the AURA
technology, an innovative system which uses Big Data to predict the expected behaviour and detect future
failure of a company’s key assets, such as wind turbines or train wheels. TECNALIA won also EARTO
Innovation awards related to artificial intelligence in 2014 and 2011.
TECNALIA has participated in the Working Group on Artificial Intelligence (GTIA) created by the Ministry
of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain. This group, in line with the studies and work initiated by
the European Commission in the field of Artificial Intelligence, has had as its main mission to design and
approve a Spanish Strategy of R&D&I in Artificial Intelligence, which was presented in an official act in the
month of March 2019.
The University of Granada (UGR) and TECNALIA have signed a collaboration agreement in 2019 for the
creation of the “TECNALIA Chair in Artificial Intelligence” at the UGR, to boost Artificial Intelligence (AI)
applied in several markets from knowledge and scientific excellence. Technological. This chair will develop
training activities, grant scholarships to students, organize conferences and seminars, promote meetings of
experts in the area of interest of the chair, knowledge transmission activities, will carry out scientific and
technological dissemination days for companies, with the joint brand UGR-TECNALIA, joint publications in
impact journals related to the subject of the Chair, participation in projects related to the dissemination and
transmission of knowledge, and collaboration in the development and piloting of assets based on applied AI.

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