The EU funded Research and Innovation Action “DECIDO – eviDEnce and Cloud for more InformeD and effective pOlicies” is building a community of stakeholder interested in “Next Generation Policy Making”. It is our main focus to create a network of people and organisations sharing their expertise and experience in order to further the discussion and actions on the adoption of EOSC (European open science cloud) by Public Authorities enabling innovation in the policy making sector, removing European fragmentation, allowing cross-support and cross-collaboration and the use of secure compute – and data – intensive services. The stakeholder community makes up the core of this project and involves all actors affected by and invested in implementing cloud and big data in policy making. More specifically, in our community stakeholders and experts discuss about policy makers’ needs and trends, emerging methods, tools, technologies and applications with potential to disrupt the way public sector operates nowadays, putting particular emphasis on analysing its cloud and big data readiness.

A cycle of 6 Webinars are organised to give stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about the project and to experiment both the proposed methodology and the related technologies.

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